Enable trust for your partners  and  
limitless investors

Do you attract investments through intermediaries?  If you have to coordinate the issue of your digital tokens with lawyers, engineers, accountants, managers and many others, then your company is going to join the global crypto-community.  

Do you research blockchain to join crypto market?    If your daily newsfeed is filled with latest trends and research, then you are ready to move your corporate assets to digital markets and attract new investments and partners.

Keep your assets secure!

 From the beginning of the "crypto rush" in 2017 we were working with assets-based tokenization products to bring true liquidity to the markets.  Our approach to blockchain products is based on a programmatic security tokens that can guarantee ownership of an asset and be fully legal compliant.

Reliable technology

Since 2018 we use Ethereum to issue tokens and research decentralised ecosystems.
Now we are working on tokenizing real estate.

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Every standard type of token: 

1. Programmable crypto-currency (ERC-20)


Each token is the same as any other, the history of transactions can be used to detect and separate tokens.


Each token can be transferred from one address to another address if the transaction fits legal requirements.

Fixed supply

A fixed number of tokens can be created in order to give owners of the assets full  control and right to increase supply.

2. Single asset tokens (ERC-721)


Each token is unique with its own code and individual parameters of an asset.


Unique items can be stored in the form of a unique and immutable code.


Asset can be co-owned by multiple users to share dividends and responsibilities.

3. Multi-asset tokens (ERC-1400) 


It is possible to sell the tokens as securities.


Limit access to the coins and implement know-your-customer (KYC) protocols.


The most advanced technology up-to-date to secure all your property and wealth.